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Dental Implants in Tel Aviv

When you’ve got missing teeth you need to replace them. This is very important for your well-being and also for your remaining teeth’s good health. When a tooth is lost, you won’t only lose your ability to chew, you’ll also find that unreplaced teeth could cause your other teeth to become crowded, lost or tipped and this can create further issues. Other problems arise too including poor self-esteem and an unattractive appearance due to the gaps in your mouth.
When you have missing teeth, you can replace them with a dental implant. This is a perfect and permanent solution which is an ideal alternative to dentures, whether partial and removable or complete. An implant will give such dental appliances outstanding stability as well as support.
What is a dental implant? It is, essentially, a screw made out of titanium which acts as replacement root portion for your own missing tooth. You can have a dental implant placed in wither your lower jaw or upper jaw and thanks to the biocompatible properties that titanium has, the implant will eventually fuse with your jawbone so that it can act as a strong anchor, supporting your replacement teeth. This makes dental implants ideal for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.

Replacing One Tooth With Dental Implants in Tel Aviv

When you have a single missing tooth, a dental implant could be an ideal solution for you. If the root is damaged as well as the tooth itself, an implant can be used with a ceramic crown to replace it. Virtually painless as well as simple to carry out, this procedure is very effective, with the implant functioning and looking very similar to the natural original tooth. You will also enjoy better self-confidence as you will have a healthier, brighter smile.

What Does The Tel Aviv Dental Clinic Dental Implants Procedure Involve?

Initially, the area that will be treated is fully examined to work out the most appropriate treatment. Models as well as radiographs will be used to create the right plan of treatment. The implant is made up of a fabricated core that will be placed in the site of your missing tooth. Usually, you’ll be given a temporary tooth so you can function normally and eat properly while the implant starts to integrate with the jawbone. This process varies depending on the site of the missing tooth. Before placing the crown, an impression is taken to allow the fabrication of the dental implant abutment which fixes onto your implant. Finally, one more impression is taken to allow the creation of a porcelain crown to fit on the abutment. It will look, function and fit like a natural tooth. You’ll have to continue practising good oral hygiene to ensure the tissues and tooth stay healthy.

Implants To Replace Multiple Teeth

Implants can also be used for replacing multiple missing teeth, giving the strength and stability you need to eat anything that you desire. A fixed bridge can be cemented to 2 (or more) implants. When you get dental implants, your face’s appearance can be preserved and additional loss of bone by the missing teeth can be prevented. If you’ve got several teeth missing towards the back of your mouth, getting a fixed bridge together will implants is really the only stable alternative since removable dentures won’t offer the same level of function and won’t be as stable.

Which Dental Implant Treatment Procedures Are Used At The Tel Aviv Dental Clinic?

Initially, your dentist will examine the area that is going to be treated to work out the right course of treatment to suit your needs using radiographs as well as models. Next, the fabricated cores of the dental implants will be placed where your missing teeth are located and you may be given a temporary bridge so you’ll be able to function normally and eat during the time that the implants are integrating themselves into the bone. This process varies depending on the location of the missing teeth. An impression is taken before placing the bridge to allow the fabrication of the abutments which attach to the dental implants and then one more impression is taken to allow a porcelain bridge to be made. This fixes to the abutments. Your new bridge looks, fits and functions in the same way as natural teeth. Good oral hygiene practices must be maintained in order to keep the teeth and tissues healthy in the long-term. With dental implants carried out by the Tel Aviv Dental Clinic team, you’ll enjoy a beautifully restored smile that will give you improved self-esteem.


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