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Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

You may be surprised to know how closely oral care in pregnancy is linked to the wellbeing of the developing child.

The pregnant mother has a duty to ensure tip-top dental hygiene for the betterment of both herself and her child.

We will be touching on the aspects of dental care in pregnancy, today. Let’s begin.

Importance of Oral Health for Pregnant Women

Remember, you’re brushing for two during pregnancy!

Maintaining dental care for a pregnant mother is challenging. The influx of hormones leaves an expecting mother vulnerable and susceptible to oral diseases. Inflamed gums and exposed cavities might lead to bleeding, which will affect both mother and child.

Moreover, ignoring dental hygiene can lead to complex oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Said diseases can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes.

Therefore, brushing your teeth can actively reduce pregnancy complications. Additionally, opting for a calcium-rich diet also promotes oral care in pregnancy. Acidic and sugary content is a big no-no.

Dental Care during Different Stages of Pregnancy

Going to the dentist for pregnant women is very important. We’ve outlined how to keep good oral health before, during and after pregnancy.

Before or, during the very early stages of pregnancy, book an appointment with the dentist. This will allow the dentist to professionally clean your teeth and solve any oral issues on the surface.

During pregnancy, please make regular dentist appointments. As you’ve understood by now, you need to attend them now more than ever. Discuss and update all the relevant oral medication with your dentist and postpone any optional dental procedures. Plus, follow any extra measures that may be advised accordingly.

After pregnancy, it’s time to take care of those postponed, optional dental procedures that we talked about earlier. Opt for a full periodontal health evaluation and stake subsequent measures as recommended by the dentist.

Overall, there is no alternative to visiting the dentist for pregnant women. At every stage of your pregnancy, the dentist must be aware of your oral issues.

Bonus tips for Oral Care in Pregnancy

In addition to all the measures we’ve mentioned, here are some extra tips to keep those teeth sparkling through your pregnancy.

If you don’t already, it’s a great time to adopt the habit of flossing during pregnancy. Remember, you are more vulnerable to germs and bacteria, which need extra attention. You don’t want to end up passing those on to your developing child.

Always look for approved fluoride toothpaste to use such as the ones with the ADA (American Dental Association) seal on them.

Plus, you can combat any plaque with an antimicrobial mouth as prescribed by your dentist.

End Note: Dental care matters for pregnant women

Being a mother-to-be is a challenging yet wonderful experience. Being extra careful in all aspects of life is natural during pregnancy. But, oral hygiene is one aspect that’s often overlooked.

Prevention of dental complications is of utmost importance for the mother and child. The only way to ensure this is to maintain dental hygiene and do regular checkups with the dentist.



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