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Snap-On Smile Near You In Tel Aviv

A Snap-On Smile is a tailor-made appliance that fits over your teeth to produce a white, natural-looking smile you’ll love. At Dentist Tel Aviv snap-on teeth are an innovation we can provide to transform broken, chipped, discolored, and missing teeth without you having to undergo time-consuming and expensive cosmetic dental procedures.

How the Snap-on Smile Works

The Snap-on Smile is a fast option to beautify your teeth. We use high-tech materials to create a bespoke appliance to enhance your smile–and you pop them in and out as required.

Dentist Tel Aviv Snap-on Smile Three-Step Process

The process toward an instant smile is simplicity itself with just a couple of visits to our office in Tel Aviv.

1: After an initial examination to ensure the Snap-on Smile is suitable, you choose the color and style of your new removable smile.

2: Next, we take impressions of your teeth. We send these to a laboratory where they manufacture your new appliance to your specification.

3: Schedule an appointment with us to check the fit and look of your appliance. If you’re happy, you can show off your new smile to the world.

Benefits of a Snap-on Smile

1: Quick

Your snap-in dental veneers are ready to wear whenever you want.

2: Does not Affect Tooth Structure Unlike some other cosmetic dentistry treatments, including crowns and veneers, there are no compromises to the structure of your teeth. Snap-in veneers give you the look of expensive cosmetic veneers, but as they are not stuck to your teeth the tooth structure is not affected.

3: Affordable

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are not cheap. Snap-in teeth provide the look of expensive dental work but at a much lower price.

4: Pain-free

The days of painful dentistry are long gone. However, there may be discomfort following some dental procedures for a day or two. With Snap-on Smiles you do not require any special tooth preparation, local anesthesia injections, or messy adhesives, and you can snap them in and out as often as you want with no discomfort. Your removable smile is comfortable—and even allows you to eat and drink while wearing it.

5: Suitable for Everyone

Smile makeovers with other cosmetic dentistry treatments, including dental implants, are not suitable for everyone. However, it is possible to improve many cosmetic issues affecting the teeth with a Snap-on Smile. It can even temporarily replace an uncomfortable or loose-fitting partial denture.

6: Look Good

The materials used to manufacture the Snap-on Smile are designed to produce a smile that is straight, white, and natural-looking without undergoing orthodontic treatment or teeth whitening.

7: Reversible

A Snap-on Smile is temporary, unlike cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is non-invasive and you can take them in and out without any affect or harm to your natural teeth.

Anyone can benefit from snap-in teeth. If you are not suitable for a smile makeover with dental implants, veneers, or bridges this is an option to remodel your smile into something beautiful. For a quick-fix solution to the problem of unsightly teeth, an instant smile is an easy and painless option to boost your self-confidence without undergoing invasive and expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures. Find out more about Snap-on Smiles at Dentist Tel Aviv by scheduling an appointment.



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