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You never know when an accident might take place. When it comes to Dental accidents, it is one of the worst and you don’t want to waste any time when it comes to your teeth.

Any form of dental trauma requires special attention as soon as possible. It may not look that bad at first, but delaying a checkup can lead to a more severe problem.

Why Go to An Emergency Dentist?

While there are emergency rooms at every hospital, they are more of a generalized area for every kind of urgent care. You might not get the highest priority either as people with other life-threatening conditions might be present.

An Emergency dentist’s room is specialized for dental problems and you will get the top priority. It is often hard to get appointments at clinics, which is definitely not something you need while you are having a dental crisis.

Here at Dentist Tel Aviv, you will not face any of these issues. We are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We offer you all sorts of dental services, including very fast and high-quality emergency dental care.

Dentist Tel Aviv’s Services

Our emergency dentistry services consist of the following.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

You can get a chipped tooth for many reasons. Let it be falling on your face or biting on a hard cookie, you should come to us immediately. If you have the broken piece with you, try to keep it moist in a bit of milk. The calcium helps the tooth to stay alive. The sooner you come, the better chance you have to get it restored.


There can be many reasons behind toothaches. Whatever the reason is, it can get very bad very soon. It is constant radiating pain and is considered one of the worst things anyone can experience, hence people want immediate relief.

At Dentist Tel Aviv, we are dedicated to helping you feel better as soon as possible. We carry out different tests, including X-rays to find the root causes behind the toothache. We will perform a filling in case you have cavities.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Another reason for sudden toothache can be a wisdom tooth coming out. This pain can be excruciating and nothing can make it better at times. In this case, the only solution left is wisdom tooth extraction.

Other than a toothache, wisdom teeth can lead to many other problems. These teeth can move the placement of other teeth, which can cause discomfort and pain. Infections can take place on the roots as well.

While it sounds intimidating, we promise to extract your wisdom teeth carefully, making sure you feel no pain. And we always use sterile equipment.


A dental abscess is caused by bacterial growth. They can make the gums to swell and make it very painful to eat. You should seek treatment as soon as you see an abscess-like growth in your mouth. Delaying it can lead to the infection spreading.

We will help you clean the area, drain the pus and give you the right medication to help you recover as soon as possible.

Final Words

You can be one of those people who take really good care of their oral health. But unwanted dental problems can pop up at any time. Our dentists are highly qualified to help cater to your emergencies!



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