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Mouth-Guards Near You In Tel Aviv

If you’re looking for optimal protection for your teeth and a way to end grinding and clenching for good, our Tel Aviv dentist clinic has the form-fitting custom-made mouth-guards that you need. Contact sport, high-risk activities and bruxism, the grinding of teeth, can cause chipping, cracking, and damaged enamel. Mouth-guards help keep your top and bottom teeth separated, which helps for snoring, jaw tension, impact damage, and general wear and tear. There’s no better way to ease pressure on your mouth and jaw, improving general oral health while providing lasting protection.

For the best dentist, Tel Aviv has to offer, contact us to find out more about mouth-guards in Gush Dan and the surrounding vicinity.

Mouth-Guards and Bite Appliances Molded To Your Mouth And Teeth

A sudden impact or nasty fall can chip or damage your teeth if they’re left unprotected. You can avoid potential long-term damage from grinding your teeth and unexpected trauma to the mouth from contact sport by wearing a good mouth-guard.

If you grind your teeth when awake or in your sleep or find yourself clenching often, you may be suffering from bruxism. Any of the following symptoms and a custom-fitted bite appliance or mouth-guard in Tel Aviv may bring you great relief:

  • Ongoing pressure, headaches, and migraines
  • Headaches that are worse in the mornings
  • Discomfort around the temporomandibular joint and earache
  • General pain in and around the mouth and jaw
  • Broken enamel, chipped tooth edges, and brittle teeth
  • Discomfort or difficulty opening your mouth completely

Say goodbye to jaw pain and the worry of knowing that you’re harming or risking damage to your teeth today. Please make an appointment with our dentist, Tel Aviv dental industry’s finest today, and let us start making you a comfortable, quality mouth-guard.

Complete Protection for Your Teeth with a Mouth-Guard

Durable mouth-guards that fit precisely over your teeth and gums offer the highest level of protection. It’s essential to wear a mouth guard that fits well when playing physical sports to absorb impact trauma, protecting your teeth and lips. Custom-made guards also lower the chance of serious head and neck injuries like concussions. Bruxism sufferers may need a bite guard instead, which offers similar protection by buffering the space between the teeth of your top and bottom jaw.

Get in touch with our dentistry clinic to be put in touch with a leading dentist – Tel Aviv dentistry’s finest giving advice you can rely on. You’ll quickly find out how we can help you protect your teeth using a custom-fitted mouth-guard or bite appliance today.



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